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About the emotional factor when investing in Argentina

This time, we interviewed Pablo Marcelo Ortiz, Senior Real Estate Agent at RemaxUno, who will tell us about the incidence of the emotional factor in real estate transactions and about investing in Argentina.

HalloCasa: “Good afternoon, Mr. Ortiz. First of all let us thank you for your kindness and time to participate in this interview.”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “Good afternoon, thank you very much.”

HalloCasa: “Could you please introduce yourself to our audience and briefly describe your real estate business in Argentina?”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “Of course. I am a real estate agent associated with one of the best offices in the network and leaders in the market. We serve private and corporate clients. Through the launch of mortgage credit lines of private or state banks, we accompany the clients in the purchase of the first home with a very positive result. In addition, we commercialize urban buildings and properties in closed neighborhoods. Actually, we are also supporting the development of industries through the commercialization of shares in industrial parks.”

HalloCasa: “Now, please tell us, Mr. Ortiz, how do you think that emotions have a direct and determinant impact on real estate investment transactions in Argentina?”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “Selling is an emotional process,” this was declared by an expert in real estate market.”

HalloCasa: “Please give us an example.”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “Let’s think about the common element, “the house”.

The house is a tangible physical element, concrete, it has walls, it has doors, it has a roof, it has windows and also… it is a container of memories.

The walls and the roof give the feeling of protection. The doors give access to the most important people in life. The windows show every sunrise and sunset. The house is the place where all emotions coexist.

Not to mention if you know the constructive elements because the emotions deepen as soon as you can relate to its origins. For example, I constructed my house with bricks from a distant province. When I brought them I remember that: I brought the wood by truck from the interior of the country and I built it with my father and these memories are now part of the house.”

HalloCasa: “Yes, Mr. Ortiz. You’re absolutely right. Every detail has a soul, especially when it comes to housing.”

HalloCasa: “Why do we sell or exchange houses?”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “There is an emotional motivation in the first decision of a sale. We all make exchanges because we think we win something with the expectation of a better feeling. In some cultures the house is an element that is transmitted from generation to generation and there is no concept of exchange in order to improve the life in monetary terms. In those generations, it is about the courage to hold the good so that it is being loaded with memories. In our society we are living through a change. The new generations have a more open vision to the exchange and the frequency of use is becoming shorter. The conception of a house for the whole life is being extinguished.”

HalloCasa: “And why does this happen?”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “I think an important factor is the influence of the consumer culture. In the series “House of Cards”, the protagonist declares that the difference between money and power is the same which exists between the house of the rich which value begins to deteriorate in 10 years and the castle that transcends centuries. The trend shows that we are looking for short-term satisfaction and when we get tired, we exchange. We are losing the idea of transcendence.

Another reason is that do not have a direct relationship to the physical construction anymore. In cities, we do not build our own houses, we live in places that others design. It is this depersonalization of the habitat which prevents us from becoming more and more rooted.”

HalloCasa: “And in real the estate operations, how do the emotions of the seller and buyer interact?”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “The biggest challenge for the real estate agent is presented by people who sell their emotionally charged properties. Due to the emotional connection sellers perceive the value of the respective property as more valuable and therefore overestimate the value of the property. Unconsciously many sellers want to sell their house at significantly high prices because inside their heart they do not really want to sell it. And even with an objective analysis they do not change their opinion.

A buyer is usually more objective since he does not have an emotional connection with the property he wants to buy. There, the real estate agent must raise the buyer´s feelings. Instead of showing the “wall”, he should show its textures. Instead of showing a “window”, he should show the landscape which can be viewed from the window. There is a very popular phrase among sellers: Rolex does not sell watches, they sell the feeling of wearing a Rolex. And to paraphrase, the real estate agent does not sell houses, we sell homes.

Obviously each transaction is accompanied by very different emotions between the parties. I remember one transaction: On the one hand, there was a marriage that ended up separated. They sold their house which was disordered because it had not been taken care of due to their frustration which originated in their relationship. On the other, a family bought it with the aim of establishing their place, projecting a home to construct their happiness with a desire to rearrange everything. Those are very contradictory situations which I as an agent accompany, too.”

HalloCasa: “How does the real estate agent handle these situations?”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “Firstly, professionalism is key. In these situations you should not improvise. You have to use the adequate tools to treat each situation adequately, especially when it comes to emotional challenges. Secondly, having a human sense, we all need to be supported and accompanied in one of the most important decisions in life. Finally, being spiritually balanced, every client needs peace and tranquility so it is vital that we are connected and balanced with our beliefs. I am of the idea that God provides us with the most authentic harmony. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you” (John 14:27).”

The real estate agent has the opportunity to transform every real estate transaction into an emotionally balanced experience transcending over time.”

HalloCasa: “Mr. Ortiz, this was a very interesting interview. We would like to thank you for this! Would it be possible for interested readers to contact you if they have any follow-up questions? Thank you very much for the interview.”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “Yes, of course, you can contact me through HalloCasa or contact me directly on the phone number (54) 9 11 5469 6145 or email portiz@remax.com.ar https://www.linkedin.com/in/Remaxunopablo/. Thank you.”

HalloCasa: “Thank you so much for being with us. Always welcome to HalloCasa.”

Pablo Marcelo Ortiz: “Thank you very much.”

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