About HalloCasa

– Our Mission –

To build trust for vendors and investors with respect to cross-border real estate transactions.


Hi, my name is Michael.

The origin of HalloCasa began when I spent his bachelor´s exchange in 2011 in Bogotá and fell in love with this country. Living in Colombia, he was asked by various friends whether he could look for real estate objects to invest in Colombia, since interest rates were down in Europe and they were looking for investments with higher returns.

In the first place, he sent them the links with property information, however, they didn´t understand the currency, neither did they speak Spanish, nor did they understand the buying process. So, it was him, reading documents, calling the Colombian Central Bank and explaining what needed to be done. However, the more requests he got the more difficult he found himself illustrating the properties nicely.

Obsessed with lean methodology and Steve Blank´s as well as Ash Maurya´s insights, he conducted problem interviews in order to obtain information what the customers´ real pain was. Based on those interviews, he drafted the first solution.

Now, the team has grown and consists of an international team from Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Russia, and India. 

Together, our very intention is to build something what customers want in order to really help them.

Based on new customers´ insights, we are releasing ongoingly new updates.

Since we are relying very much on customers´ insights, we appreciate every feedback and customers´ insights.

We are happy when people try our platform and use it!

Michael Franz
Michael Franz