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What is HalloCasa?

HalloCasa is a free international real estate marketplace from real estate listings from all over the world.

Who is HalloCasa for?

HalloCasa is for real estate brokers, lawyers, real estate experts, etc as much as for real estate investors.

Is HalloCasa for Free?

Yes, the use of HalloCasa is for free. Everyone can sign up for free and start publishing.

How is HalloCasa making money?

At the moment, HalloCasa does not rely on revenue and might start generating some revenue in the future.

Can everyone publish on HalloCasa?

Yes, anyone can start publishing listings on HalloCasa.

Why should I publish on HalloCasa?

The benefit to list on HalloCasa is that the listings will get automatically translated into different languages, publishers will increase their potential reach from a small domestic market to the global international market, posts will get shared with the HalloCasa community, and you can show along your profile a vast amount of information about your business, includings links.

How can I publish on HalloCasa?

1. You click on “Publish for free”
2. You create an account
3. You create your Broker profile
4. You click on “Add new Property”

Who is behind HalloCasa?

A team of international developers is working hard to fulfil the needs of the HalloCasa users.

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