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Why invest in real estate in Bangkok, Thailand from a Dutch perspective

with Marciano Birjmohun

How does the legal landscape look like in Colombia?

with Jorge Enrique Chauta

The Real Estate Sales Expert who interviewed Gary Vaynerchuk shares his sales tips

with David I Hill


Buying real estate in Portugal with 2021 update on the Golden Visa

HalloCasa: “This time, we talked to Antonio Barbosa, from Portugal. Tony is originally from the US and has lived in Portugal for 20 years and has executed his profession of real estate for over 20 years. He helps both domestic and foreign investors to buy real estate in Portugal. Antonio, why don’t you introduce yourself to our audience?”

Antonio Barbosa: “Michael, thank you. Thank you for having me here. I was born in Angola and moved to the United States early on, where I got my degree in Business Administration and then lived there for almost 30 years. During the last 20 years, I’ve been living in Portugal and I have dedicated the last 20 years to my passion of real estate.”

HalloCasa: “From Angola via the US to Portugal, great! What is the real estate market in Portugal right now? What is going on also with respect to COVID? And obviously, also, with respect to the Golden Visa?”

Antonio Barbosa: “Sure, last year, the market has been very different from previous years. Myself and most colleagues of mine have been doing very well with the domestic market during the past year. This is important to mention because Portugal is a service oriented industry which means we are very dependent on tourism and external investment. However, this year was mainly driven by first-time domestic homebuyers, wanting to have their own home. Apart from low interest rates, there are many factors that contributed to that growth market domestically. Foreign investment purchases, on the other hand, have dropped by around 40%, especially in Lisbon, since this is mainly a premium area and there’s nobody coming in to visit those properties currently.”

An introduction to the Peruvian real estate market


This time, we did the interview with Rafael Fernández Crossety, Sales Coordinator at RE / MAX Excellence, who will speak to us, based on his extensive career and experience, about the current situation in the real estate market in Peru.

HalloCasa: “It is a pleasure for us at HalloCasa to have you here with us, Mr. Rafael, that is why we want to thank you for your time, kindness and willingness. It will be very pleasant for us and our audience to know relevant data on the real estate market in Peru.

Rafael Fernandez Crossetty:  “Thank you very much it is a pleasure for me to be able to converse with you.”

HalloCasa: “As a first instance, we want to know you, to hear from you both personally and professionally, about what you want to tell us.”

Rafael Fernandez Crossetty: “I am a Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Planning of the National Agrarian University La Molina in the career of Statistical and Computer Sciences, Registered Real Estate Agent in the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation of Peru, since September 2010 with the Registration No. PN-0975, Currently associated with RE / MAX Excellence”

HalloCasa: “Currently you are a Sales Coordinator at RE / MAX Excellence as well as an Associate Real Estate Agent. Would you like to tell us more about what your business is about and what is your specialty in the real estate market? ”

The real estate market in Mexico seen through the eyes of a Real Estate Coach

This time, we did the interview with César Veytia, General Director in Real Estate Training and Coaching Mexico. Who will speak to us based on their extensive experience, how the real estate coach helps in the real estate transaction, how it works and for what reasons it can be a satisfactory tool when buying real estate. In addition to this, it will tell us relevant data on the housing sector in Mexico City.

 HalloCasa: “Good afternoon, Mr. Veytia. First of all let us thank you for your kindness and time to participate in this interview. ”

César Veytia: “The pleasure is mine and a privilege to be able to share with all of you.”

HalloCasa: “Please tell our audience what does being a real estate coach consist of?”


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