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Real estate in Orizaba, Veracruz in Mexico: a creative  market that doesn’t stop

Our guest today representing Mexico is Adriana López Martínez, Professor at the University del Valle de Orizaba and Real Estate Advisor, with whom we will talk about the current situation of the Mexican real estate market, the real estate trends and what is expected for next year 2018 with respect to real estate.

HalloCasa: “Thank you for giving us your time and experience by allowing us to know a little more about your beautiful country and the real estate of it.”

Adriana López Martínez: “Good afternoon everyone and thank you for the opportunity. Mexico is certainly a growing country in the real estate sector. Investment opportunities vary based on the region in which you want to invest. Therefore, the capital gains of real estate are guaranteed by the environment where people, their traditions and roads as well as the architectural or natural appeal they bring.”

HalloCasa: “Please tell us about yourself so that our audience will know about you. Then tells us how you came into the world of real estate business, real estate in Mexico City and the area you manage.”

Adriana López Martínez: “I am a graduate in Communication Sciences and I’m a teacher in that area as well. After 15 years of experience, I now manage a 64-home residential development located in the Magic Village Orizaba, Veracruz. This is a project in which community services are accompanied by other recreational offerings which brings a huge opportunity to successfully exercise the sale and purchase of real estate.”

HalloCasa: “What is Orizaba, Veracruz like, in general?”

Adriana López Martínez: “Orizaba, Veracruz is a prosperous city. Developments and advancements in natural and tourist attractions are accompanied by beautiful streets which make it the best city to live in that state. Furthermore, Orizaba is a city where properties have a guaranteed value and are supported by the valuation of various companies. Stakeholders can see it when it comes to buying a home in our city.”

HalloCasa: “According to your background, what differences have you noticed in the Mexican real estate market? Is there greater demand, lower demand, and, if so, why?”

Adriana López Martínez: “In my experience I have found that the real estate market is growing and there is a lot of investment of several real estate developers in Orizaba. In addition, cities such as Xalapa in Veracruz are points of constant movement that offer attractive alternatives for those looking for a home.

In 2017 alone, more than 15 housing developers have settled offering up to a total of 200 private residential homes.”

The dollar is not an inconvenience when it comes to creating new real estate projects

HalloCasa: “What impact has it had on the real estate market this year, with the increase in the dollar?”

Adriana López Martínez: “The dollar certainly impacts investors and construction companies, so the price of housing tends to vary. 

HalloCasa: “According to the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) the progress in the real estate market has been consolidating and it is said that earlier this year the real estate area grew by 17% what do you think this fact was due to?”

 Adriana López Martínez: “It’s right. It has consolidated the housing offer for all tastes and locations within my own region and in the area in general.”

HalloCasa:  “Currently, Mexico City has had a significant increase in buildings. Between housing solutions and corporate projects: which one do you consider will take the lead?”

Adriana López Martínez: “Projects are very demanding in both and there is actually no other winner.”

HalloCasa: “What do you think are the most relevant factors for investors when choosing Mexico as the ideal place to invest in real estate?”

Adriana López Martínez: “First of all, investors shall know the market. Most people acquire property through two options: Infonavit and ISSSTE. These credits are obtained by workers and when the amounts are low, a bank loan can be added. Secondly, it is important to conduct a good analysis of the place where the investor seeks to invest and the attractions that surround it. Additionally, services and roads around that property are important.”

The most desired properties recommended for foreign investors

HalloCasa: “The segments: industrial, commercial, corporate and residential, which one has the highest demand and which does not?”

Adriana López Martínez: “Residential, commercial and industrial are in highest demand today in the country. Based on the references that the real estate brokers give  us. A lot of transactions happen right now in commercial and industrial. However, the residential area is following closely.”

HalloCasa: “What recommendations would you give an investor to buy real estate in Mexico?”

Adriana López Martínez: “We recommend that you investigate our top destinations as a country and at the same time, conduct a market study, so that based on this you make your investment, ensuring a success in the short and medium term.”

HalloCasa: “Is it easy to invest from abroad through an agent?”

Adriana López Martínez: “It’s definitely easy. However, You have to follow the rules of the country. Precisely, so that there are no situations like those recorded in the neighboring United States. So, it is one hundred percent recommended that you link up with an agent in our country who knows perfectly the laws, supply and demand of the market so that the notarial process and everything that encompasses a sale or investment purchase is satisfactory.”

HalloCasa: “Ms. López, we want to thank you once again for your time. If our audience would like to contact you, by what means could they do so?”

Adriana López Martínez: “Of course, interested investors and general audiences can contact me through the following means: through HalloCasa, directly via the cell phone No.012721330369 or via the email adyloma2012@gmail.com. Thank you very much.”

HalloCasa: “It has been a pleasure and we are very pleased with the information you have provided us. This is an excellent opportunity for both investors and general audiences to learn even more about the real estate market in Mexico.”

Adriana López Martínez: ”Thank you very much.”

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