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Real Estate Buying Process Mexico

Interviews with local experts

The real estate market in Mexico seen through the eyes of a Real Estate Coach

This time, we did the interview with César Veytia, General Director in Real Estate Training and Coaching Mexico. Who will speak to us based on their extensive experience, how the real estate coach helps in the real estate transaction, how it works and for what reasons it can be a satisfactory tool when buying real estate. In addition to this, it will tell us relevant data on the housing sector in Mexico City.

 HalloCasa: “Good afternoon, Mr. Veytia. First of all let us thank you for your kindness and time to participate in this interview. ”

César Veytia: “The pleasure is mine and a privilege to be able to share with all of you.”

HalloCasa: “Please tell our audience what does being a real estate coach consist of?”

Mexico: a creative real estate market that doesn’t stop

Our guest today representing Mexico is Miss Adriana López Martínez. Professor at the University of Valle de Orizaba and Real Estate Advisor, with whom we will talk about the current situation of the Mexican real estate market, the real estate trends and what is expected for next year 2018 in a matter of demand for real estate.  

HalloCasa: “First of all we greet you especially Miss López and welcome you to HalloCasa, from today your home. Thank you for giving us your time and experience by allowing us to know a little more about your beautiful country and the real estate of it.”

Adriana López Martínez: “Good afternoon everyone and thank you for the opportunity. Mexico is certainly a growing country in the real estate sector. Investment opportunities are variants based on the region in which you want to invest. Therefore, the capital gains of real estate are guaranteed by the environment where people, their traditions and roads as well as the architectural or natural appeal they bring.”

HalloCasa:. “Please tell us about yourself so that our audience will know about you. Then tells us how you came into the world of real estate business, which Mexico City it’s performs in and what is the area you handle.”

Tulum, one of the most important destinations in the world. The time to invest is now

This time, we are pleased to introduce Mr. Alejandro Lopez, Real Estate Consultant for the last 7 years in the Riviera Maya, with experience in International Sales and Property Management.

In this interview we will talk with Mr. Lopez about the importance of Tulum (Mexico) around the world, why the time to invest in this beautiful place is today and about the most important projects currently.

HalloCasa: “Good afternoon Mr. López, let us first of all welcome you to HalloCasa. We are sure that this will be a very pleasant and, above all, very valuable interview for investors and the general audience of our portal.”

Alejandro López: “Good afternoon, it is a pleasure and I am happy to accept the invitation for this interview and to talk about the international tourist destination in which I reside: Riviera Maya.”

HalloCasa: “To begin our interview, would you please be so kind and tell our audience how you started your real estate career and tell us the most representative aspects of the profession as a real estate consultant.”

The state of luxury properties in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

On this occasion, we have the pleasure of interviewing Carlos Castro, real estate agent at Gama Master Broker, leading company in Real Estate Development commercialization in the Riviera Maya, with more than a decade of experience in the world of Mexican real estate. Carlos Castro will talk about his work as a real estate consultant and the professional and personal perception he has about the Mexican real estate market thanks to the experience he has acquired in these 6 years of work, advising local and foreign real estate investors.

HalloCasa: “Welcome Mr. Castro. First of all, we want to thank you for accepting our invitation. We are confident that the information you will share with us will be of great value to our audience at HalloCasa.”

Carlos Castro: “Thank you very much for the invitation. It is a pleasure for me to share my experience with your readers.”

Mexico City: the area with the highest growth in real estate in the Mexico

This time, we interviewed Ana Laura Monsivais, founder and real estate broker in Home del Valle, who will tell us about some outstanding aspects of the Mexican real estate market in the capital.

HalloCasa: “Good afternoon Ana Laura. Thank you very much for this interview! Based on your experience, we are looking forward to get some information about Mexico City and the real estate market in the capital.”

Ana Laura Monsivais: “Good afternoon, thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you about this subject and with great pleasure to send a greeting to the audience all over the world!”

HalloCasa: “Please introduce yourself to our audience, who is Ana Laura Monsivais?”

Real estate trends in Queretaro, Bajío, Mexico

This time, we interviewed Cesar Torres Garcia, Real Estate Sales Manager in Queretaro, El Bajio, Mexico, who will tell us about his experience and several important aspects related to the real estate market in Mexico.

HalloCasa: “Good afternoon, Mr. Torres. First of all, thanks a lot for your time to participate in this interview. Could you please introduce yourself to our audience and briefly describe your real estate business in El Bajio, Mexico?”

Cesar Torres Garcia: “Good afternoon and thanks to you for this great initiative of Latin American real estate information, where all opinions and experiences undoubtedly enrich the sector.

As you mention, we have been a little more than 18 years in the business of marketing housing in Mexico with a participation in all market segments, analyzing, planning and executing adequate commercial strategies for each product, setting up successful processes and commercial teams in constant implementation of market-oriented actions.”

HalloCasa: “Regarding the acquisition of housing, what is the trend when buying housing? Preferably new (previously built), on plans, purchasing lots or built by the same owner?”

Real Estate Buying Process Mexico

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