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Real Estate Buying Process Peru

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Callao, Peru: Comprar inmueble residencial o comercial en ésta región metropolitana de Lima


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Real Estate Buying Process Peru

Interviews with local experts

An introduction to the Peruvian real estate market


This time, we did the interview with Rafael Fernández Crossety, Sales Coordinator at RE / MAX Excellence, who will speak to us, based on his extensive career and experience, about the current situation in the real estate market in Peru.

HalloCasa: “It is a pleasure for us at HalloCasa to have you here with us, Mr. Rafael, that is why we want to thank you for your time, kindness and willingness. It will be very pleasant for us and our audience to know relevant data on the real estate market in Peru.

Rafael Fernandez Crossetty:  “Thank you very much it is a pleasure for me to be able to converse with you.”

HalloCasa: “As a first instance, we want to know you, to hear from you both personally and professionally, about what you want to tell us.”

Rafael Fernandez Crossetty: “I am a Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Planning of the National Agrarian University La Molina in the career of Statistical and Computer Sciences, Registered Real Estate Agent in the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation of Peru, since September 2010 with the Registration No. PN-0975, Currently associated with RE / MAX Excellence”

HalloCasa: “Currently you are a Sales Coordinator at RE / MAX Excellence as well as an Associate Real Estate Agent. Would you like to tell us more about what your business is about and what is your specialty in the real estate market? ”

The Peruvian real estate market seen through the eyes of a real estate agent

This time, we interviewed Carla Toledo Lafosse, an independent real estate agent who will tell us about the Peruvian real estate market, the types of projects with high demand, and the proximity to the big cities as a fundamental aspect with regards to real estate investments.

HalloCasa: “Good afternoon, Miss Toledo. Thank you very much for letting us meet you and hear about the benefits of investing in the real estate market in Peru.”

Carla Toledo Lafosse: “Good afternoon, it’s a pleasure to talk with you, especially about a topic of such importance for the country.”

Carla Toledo Lafosse: “I am a registered real estate agent, with a specialization in negotiation. I have been in sales for more than 20 years and in the real estate business since 2007. I have had the opportunity to work with important construction companies of the Peruvian market before starting as a real estate broker, which constituted an important part of my professional training because one learns to manage, not only the sale of the property and the process, but also a lot of human relations. Apart from that I was able to learn technical things like to read plans, to work with certain software tools, the interpretation of construction systems and finishing. In fact, I can now see that those are very important points to differentiate yourself in the modern market.”

HalloCasa: “Please, tell our audience who Carla Toledo is, how she got started with real estate and what her current business is about.”

Real Estate Buying Process Peru

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