– HalloCasa – The Digital Business Card for Real Estate Agents Join our Global Real Estate WhatsApp group:… This time I talked to Robert Thompson from Hampton Roads, Virginia. Robert has been a real estate agent for over 20 years and belongs to the top 1% agents in the Hampton Roads area. 00:00:30 Introduction 00:04:52 The characteristics of a Sellers Market 00:06:01 Secret to Good Service in Real Estate 00:07:20 Service Offerings Bob is focused on 00:08:21 Short Sales vs Foreclosures 00:11:02 Cash-for-Key Program 00:14:07 Top 1% Real Estate Agent in Hampton Roads 00:15:15 The development of Hampton Roads during the past 20 years 00:16:45 Sharing an impactful Real Estate Story 00:19:16 The Challenges of Independent Real Estate Agents 00:22:26 The way to go independent as a Real Estate Agent and Partnerships 00:29:00 Tips to first-time Real Estate Buyers 00:35:00 Bobs Service Offerings 00:38:30 Bobs evaluation of the current real estate market situation 00:43:30 Conclusion You can contact Bob via: Bob Thompson / Real Estate Agent / 757.403.5401/ Allison James Estates & Homes Office: +1 757.403.5401 / Fax: +1-413-403-5402