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Why invest in real estate in Bangkok, Thailand from a Dutch perspective

Today, we talked to Marciano Birjmohun who moved from Amsterdan in the Netherlands to Bangkok, Thailand and gives us a lot of insights about the real estate market in Bangkok and why he chose to move to Thailand in order to experience the vibrant metropolis and a very fast growing country.

Marciano is real estate consultant himself and runs his business as Managing Director at DMRD which is is a pioneering lead agency and consultancy specializing in the emerging real estate markets of the Asia Pacific region and major global cities.

They provide a unique property range and strategic consulting platform to develop, create and enhance your investment portfolio.

They also research, evaluate and recommend options to provide bespoke solutions and also carefully select projects which we feel are worthy of your attention.

You can contact him via: https://dmrd.asia/ and +66(0) 2 012 5140 +66 (0) 636 808 090 info@dmrd.asia or via HalloCasa directly.

In case you are interested in how to buy real estate in Thailand, we suggest you to download our E-Book which you can find here: http://blog.hallocasa.com/e-book-thai… We hope you like the interview and ask for excuse for the lag at times.

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